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Cheers and Jeers and Everything in Between

Posted on July 20, 2005 by Sarah Eaton.

I'm back!  And here is the great semi-okay thing that happened in my absence: The bug in my account is fixed has the appearance of being fixed, but is not really, and I feel a lot more comfortable posting.  I'm still going to take a crash course in html because, seriously, I just should.

I'm swamped right now catching up on all of the stuff that I missed out on during the first two days of the week, but here's two completely random things that might actually work better on Peter's blog, BeConnected, because they're all about customer intuition:

  1. You know that commercial with Mandy Patinkin in it for Crestor?  Why does he have to say "That's about half" after he tells us it does something (lowers cholesterol or something) by 52%?  Has Crestor intuited that its target audience is kind of dumb?
  2. Today my intern went to Chipotle for lunch, and I had him pick something up for me.  What I wanted when I went to the website was to find the burrito-fixin's bar.  I wanted it to look exactly like it looks when I'm at Chipotle, and I'm standing on the other side of the counter choosing black beans or pinto beans.  And that is exactly what there was.  How often does that happen--that you want something, and it's just there?

More on e-newsletter outsourcing tomorrow.

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A little know criteria when selecting an intern is to pick one that packs a camera phone. That way when you dispatch them to fetch vittals they can send back any necessary re-con photos like salad bars, menus, celebrity sightings, etc.

Posted by: Peter Davidson | Jul 20, 2005 10:59:23 PM

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