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Outsource for Expertise, Not Just Ease

Posted on July 27, 2005 by Sarah Eaton.

Inside of a newsletter are many, many words.  Those words must be relevant to your readers.  Those words must be written (and re-written) by somebody. 

And the writing is just the beginning.  The words must be edited, copy-edited and proofread. The words must have a consistent style and tone.  The words must correctly project the image that your company projects.

This takes two things, to get it done right:
1.  Time
2.  Expertise

Reason number three for outsourcing your newsletter: professional writing and editing services at your disposal.

3.  Professional writing and editing services at your disposal.
2.  You're working with experts; you can let go of the worry.
1.  Because you're so flippin' busy.

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