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Grow Your List With Corpses

Posted on September 06, 2005 by Sarah Eaton.

Just saw something rather clever (and macabre). 

You send an email to Staci Wilson at horror.about.com telling her which corpse you'd most like to marry (because this is the "Corpse Bride" sweepstakes [new Tim Burton stop-motion animated movie], not because she is a sick-o), and you're entered into a sweepstakes to win sweatshirts and magnets and garter belts and such.

Being savvy about this kind of thing, the folks at Warner Bros. also toss in a pitch for you to sign up to receive updates from them about the movie.  I'll bet they get a pretty decent bump in their list from it.

When it comes to that big question that everyone always asks: "How do I grow my list for my opt-in e-newsletter?," there are a lot of answers.  And one is "Give and ye shall receive."

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