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As If It Weren't Difficult Enough

Posted on February 08, 2006 by Sarah Eaton.

Let's face it.  Putting together an e-newsletter is a hassle.  There's a lot to think about: strategy, content, list management, design, construction, reporting, analysis, and on and on. 

We all know the merits of the opt-in system: People expect and want the email from you; presumably, that means they'll recognize it when it hits their in-box.  Then they'll open it, interact with it--and voila!--the newsletter has done its job.

So let's saying you're doing everything right, in terms of opt-in.  And let's say most of your subscribers are receiving the email at their business address, but a significant portion of your subscribers are getting that email at their personal, Yahoo! or AOL, address. 

Then let's say Yahoo! and AOL came up with the idea, in order to curtail the amount of illegitimate email reaching their users, to charge legitimate marketers for sending bulk messages to their users, adding yet another step (and more moolah) to an already complicated process.

You know me.  I always try to look on the bright side.  So here's the good in this:  Well, probably people will get less spam (although it seems unlikely that spam will be Eliminated through this initiative), and then might have more time and attention and patience for your legitimate email.

Read the whole article here.

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