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Guest Blogger, Soon-to-be Regular Blogger

Posted on February 13, 2006 by Sarah Eaton.

This afternoon's guest blogger will be Kat O'Connor.  She'll be reviewing A Whole New Mind, by Daniel Pink, as the latest installment in the BeTuitive book club.

Guest bloggers for book reviews aren't an unusual occurrence here at the BeTuitive blog, but this guest review is special, because it marks the addition of Kat to the regular ranks of post-ers.  You'll be seeing her thoughts on the BeTuitive blog on a regular basis (as well as mine.)  Kat's a designer, so you can expect many of her posts to skew in that direction.

So everyone give Kat a hale and hearty welcome, and look forward to more frequent posts!  Hip-hip-hooray!

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