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Out of Ideas

Posted on March 03, 2006 by Sarah Eaton.

The title does not refer to me.  I am, in fact, positively brimming (yes, brimming) with ideas.  Well, actually, sometimes I run a little low.

When I talk to people on the phone about why they want to use BeTuitive's services, a lot of the time, one of their concerns is that they're going to run out of ideas for content.  We help you with a steady stream of ideas, but we also advocate the repurposing of other content: press releases, an article your SVP of marketing wrote for another publication and so on.

Repurposing only takes you so far--if your entire newsletter is filled up with pieces that your subscribers have seen in other places, no one's going to get excited about receiving your newsletter.  But it does have its place.

Here's an article to put you on the road to repurposing.

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