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So Simple, Yet So Right

Posted on April 26, 2006 by Sarah Eaton.

In the past, I may have mentioned that, in my opinion, a little distraction never hurt anyone.  And I do still think that getting away from a project for a few minutes allows you to return to it with a fresh perspective.

Yet.  But.  And.

That's all well and good, if that's what distractions are doing for you, but lately, that hasn't been the case for me.  Whereas before I could enter a state of flow with relative ease, my brain has felt cluttered lately.  To flow, I have needed silence and/or earphones.  I have needed tunnel vision.  I have needed no email notification popping up.  No nothing.

So, go ahead and label me an exploration dummy, but I just discovered the Full-Screen view that you can use with Word (the program I'm mostly likely to be in while attempting to flow), and it has Changed My Life.  Apparently, just getting rid of that little toolbar at the bottom of my screen and making me look at just one thing--the task at hand--is all it takes.  So simple. 

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