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Come Ride With Me

Posted on May 22, 2006 by Kevin G.

Summer is a time to take a breath, relieve stress and enjoy the sunshine.  I find this is nearly impossible with the amount of work, and involvement I have in the city.  I find myself constantly navigating the train and bus system, with the occasional taxi, to get where I need to be.  Gas prices, though lowering in the past two weeks, are just shy of $3.00 and driving in the city can be a headache in itself.  Whew…take a breath.

This summer, I am planning on using something that solves all of these problems, while keeping me in shape and alert.  I’m getting a bike.  I guess you could say I’ll be revisiting my childhood from family bike trips, but this adventure will be all my own.  No longer will I have to wait on platforms and corner stops to get where I need to be.  I will be outside in the sun, relieving stress from the workout, and staying sharp as I navigate the city.

I found a helpful article in the LA Times that provides the lowdown on how to get ready to pedal in the city streets.

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