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How to enjoy summer while at the office

Posted on May 25, 2006 by David Borra.

Here I am sitting at my desk and as I often do I take a glance outside. Over the past few days it really has been noticeably more like summer. The sun is shining bright and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. There is a nice fresh breeze coming from the windows and if I didn’t know any better there is the smell of grilling from the neighboring restaurants teasing my taste-buds. This of course makes me instantly want to go outside to a park or to the zoo or even just a picnic would do, but alas we always can’t go and do that especially when we have a job to do… or can we?

During the winter months and early this spring the weather wasn’t that great. Well, lets be honest it was downright cold and gloomy and the sooner I got inside the better. If I went out to get lunch I dreaded the walk, but now that the weather has made a turn for the better I plan to actually enjoy my walk to get lunch. I might even eat at one of the many cafés with outdoor tables. Now you might think what about work, but by doing this I also help with the mid-afternoon slump we all can confess to experiencing at one point or another. By going out for a walk and taking in the fresh air it helps my mind regroup and in turn I am more productive then if I were to not go outside.

To find out more on how to enjoy summer while at the office check out this article.

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