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Remember: Part 2

Posted on May 17, 2006 by Kathryn Regina.

Imagine the ability to remember literally everything you've ever read. To never forget an appointment, or an important task. Or how about this: The ability to read two pages at once—with one eye on each page.  It sounds superhuman, but there are people out there that can do it. Daniel Tammet is one of them.

As an autistic savant, Tammet can recall pi to the 22,514th digit, and can learn a foreign language in as little as seven days.  But unlike most savants, Tammet also has the right set of communication skills to be able to explain his own thought processes.  Some researchers believe that all humans may be able to access savant-like abilities. Tammet may very well be the “Rosetta Stone” of savant research, allowing us all to tap into his powers of memory.

A genius explains.
Watch documentary clips featuring Tammet.

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