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Volkswagen Plays It Safe?

Posted on May 23, 2006 by David Borra.

Over the years Volkswagen Jetta ads have really been geared towards the younger crowd. If you were young, urban and hip this car was for you. Their advertisements for it would reflect that. Their most recent advertising campaign, however, doesn’t showcase the so called “cool” features that normally would be played up. Instead it thrusts you right into a scene that many of us have had the unfortunate luck of experiencing firsthand. Now showing an accident is nothing new in car ads, but many of them consist of the frontal and side impact tests that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducts, usually with dummies in them that are at test facilities.

In these commercials, however, they show people going about their daily routines. You are placed inside the car with these people and you don’t have the slightest idea that in a few seconds a car is going to back out of a driveway or that someone is going to blow a red light, but that is where I feel these commercials hit the mark. In an accident—as I have had the unfortunate experience of being in—you don’t see them coming, or if you do it is usually too late. This campaign really shows that this sort of thing can happen to anyone and that if it does happen you are more likely to walk away relatively unharmed since the 2006 Jetta received a 4 star front impact rating and a 5 star side impact rating.

For VW to show their car in this situation is risky, but for a car manufacturer to not only put safety above sales, but show it in an extremely creative way that personally hits home for me, is a great move in my mind. Take a look for yourself and see how “safe happens.”

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