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Posted on June 28, 2006 by Kathryn Regina.

Is getting your tired brain to concentrate feeling more and more analogous to taking a walk through a swamp? Do you daydream about being struck by a lightening bolt that grants you super-human mental strength?  I do. I really do.  So I’ve done some research about brain power. Here’s what I learned.

Diet makes a difference, and people are talking more than just Ginkgo Biloba these days. Choline is the new buzz—a nutrient that improves memory, increases brain power and minimizes fatigue.  Found in egg yolks and skim milk, choline deficiencies can lead to liver disease and cardiovascular problems.  Vitamin B and Omega-3 fatty acids (most commonly found in fish) also increase brain function.  On the flip side, a diet high in saturated fat and low in fruits and vegetables isn’t just bad for your heart—it makes you dumber.

If you’re not keen on fish and skim milk for dinner every night, keep your brain challenged with logic puzzles or word games. Research indicates that your brain is much like a muscle—it needs a workout to stay sharp.  Balance that workout with the right nutrition, and you’ll be bench pressing test tubes in no time.

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