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What's in a name?

Posted on August 31, 2006 by Kathryn Regina.

Here at BeTuitive, we get a lot of questions about our name. Formed from the words “be intuitive,” BeTuitive is a neologism created to signify the possibilities of “intuitively” understanding our client's customers needs and inclinations through targeted content and tracking analysis.

I recently learned that the word “portmanteau” is the linguistic term for blending the parts of two words (generally the first part of one word and the ending of a second word) to combine their meanings. Popular examples are Nabisco (National Biscuit Company), Internet (internation/interglobal/interchanged and network), smog (smoke and fog) and brunch (breakfast and lunch). Even the word alphabet is a portmanteau of alpha and beta.

Portmanteaus are effective for branding because they allow a business to create new concepts through an innovation of language. That, and they’re catchy. Just think of the media’s obsession with endless celebrity couple portmanteaus like “Bennifer” (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez), “Brangelina” (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) and “Billary" (Bill and Hillary Clinton).

Portmanteau on Wikipedia

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Quiet Hour: The Experiment

Posted on August 10, 2006 by Sarah Eaton.

I mentioned in my book review that my BeTuitive team would be trying out Quiet Hour.  It's very similar to the Quiet Game that you and your siblings played on long car rides in your treasured youth.  Wait a second...that's not a real game?  My parents totally fooled me.

The rules are simple, for there is but one: Shut up.  For just one hour of the day, no one talks to anyone else.  It's an opportunity for everyone to hit the zone and really focus on projects that need a high level of concentration.

The first day was an unbridled failure.  For anyone out there who might want to try this, here's a tip: Announcing Quiet Hour causes people to talk.  Human nature, I guess.

We tried it a couple of more times to better results.  But, the truth is that Quiet Hour started to make me feel like a stern librarian.  I shushed.  Sometimes I shushed multiple times during the hour.  I don't like to shush. 

So, while I still think it's a good idea, I don't think we're going to make Quiet Hour a regular thing; just something that anyone can request when they need or want it.

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Your Work or Your Life: Entrepreneurs Sound Off

Posted on August 04, 2006 by Sarah Eaton.

More balance stuff: Here's another article I wrote for this month's BeTuitive newsletter.  I interviewed several entrepreneurs about work and life, how the two intersect, and how they make time for life outside of work.

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