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New Tricks, Old Treats

Posted on October 30, 2006 by Kevin G.

Did you do something new with your costume this Halloween or did you go the cheap route and revamp your dusty outfit from three years ago into something slightly different? 

Whether taking a risk for better or worse or cutting corners to make ends meet, it’s not only found with the holiday season.  Such a mentality is found with a new slew of entrepreneurs staking their claim in Silicon Valley.  Like the gold rush in 1849, software engineers and computer geniuses are flocking to the west to find fortune much like YouTube, recently purchased by Google only after 18 months in operation. 

The opportunity to get rich quick by developing a simple idea and waiting for the conglomerates to buy you out is the new game.  But people are not doing this without paying the price with sacrifice, operating on strained resources and facing the possibility of Yahoo not wanting your new way to place advertisements on an oversaturated browser.

Read further on the newly developing corporate culture and leave the pumpkin costume at home.

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