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A Social Search Engine

Posted on December 20, 2006 by Kevin G.

We all know that Google and Yahoo are the king and queen of internet search engines.  They continue to flourish while the competitors struggle to keep their heads above water.

I was conducting research on search engines and found a unique engine with an intriguing edge.  Though still in development, Decipho is a new engine that offers a personal aspect to searching.  Users can filter search results based on “Shop/Services” or “Research/Info” categories or they can create their own criteria and rank websites with a Social Meter.

Let’s say you did a search and found great website deep within your search results, around the 20th result page.  Normally it would be a pain to go through all of those results again to find the specific site and bookmarking websites is not always on peoples’ minds.  Users can categorize their searches and rank websites.  These results are saved and the website link appears in the right margin whenever that search term is entered.

I can tell there will be a lot more coming from this Social Search Engine.

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