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Clock Blocker

Posted on December 19, 2006 by Kathryn Regina.

It's shameful. No one wants to be the "always late" person in their office. But let's face it: waking up is hard. And when the holidays end and the winter doldrums hit it's going to get a lot harder. So what can you do to combat chronic lateness? You can always blame it on your alarm clock. And if you're searching for a new "alarm clock solution," check out the following:

The Zen Alarm Clock--This alarm clock wakes you gradually with a bell-like chime that strikes very slowly at first, and then more progressivly over a 15 minute period. It is less harsh than the traditional blaring alarm, and may make getting out of bed in the morning easier. Or you might just sleep right through it.

Clocky--This one is my favorite. The alarm clock goes off, and then runs and hides in a different place everyday, forcing you to get out of bed and find it before being able to shut it off. It may make you angry, but at least you'll be awake.

The Puzzle Alarm--When this alarm goes off it blows puzzle pieces into the air, and you have to put the puzzle back together in order to shut the alarm off. It's only four puzzle pieces, so it's just challenging enough to wake you up.

The Kuku Alarm Clock--This hen-shaped alarm clock chirps while laying six small eggs. In order to make the chirping stop you must put the six eggs back into the clock--not an easy task when you're half asleep and prone to dropping things.

The Hand Grenade Alarm Clock--This is great if you have a significant other or roommate that refuses to get out of bed. You pull the pin out of the toy-looking hand grenade and then yell, "fire in the hole!" and toss it into the sleeper's bed. In order to get the alarm noise to stop they must get out of bed and retrieve the pin from you.

Read It and Sleep--Slate Magazine's review of the best and worst alarm clocks.

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