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The Red Bow on your Sales Package

Posted on December 18, 2006 by Vinnie Lacey.

In the process of revamping our sales proposals over the past two months, I've had the...ummm, how can I put this nicely...opportunity to review tons of material on writing for a business audience.  Turns out proposal writing, like writing for the web or writing out your holiday wish list, is a specialized skill.  It's not just a matter of pitching a laundry list of your products and services, but really putting into concise and targeted words how your solutions match your prospect's needs.  You did write convincingly to Santa, didn't you?

This is the case in all sorts of sales processes, of course.  Speaker and "small business copywriter" Troy White emphasized targeted message delivery recently in his blog about ratcheting up your holiday sales.  As Troy makes clear, even with the fanciest of toys and the most glittery wrapping paper--that is, great product and a way to spread the word--you must buttress your sales pitch with the compelling, consistent message that your customer can understand. Sometimes that takes testing and restesting--the same thing we here at BeTuitive emphasize with our clients--in order to maximize consistent return on their publications.

So while I whittle away these last few working days of 2006 refining proposals....errr, I mean providing the human capital that drives a successful literary presentation of our solutions...no, what I mean to say is... giving the straight talk on building your relationships with a custom publication...Ahem. Please remember: It's not just what you say, but how you say it.

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