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News Source Fit for a (Burger) King

Posted on January 08, 2007 by Vinnie Lacey.

My first experience with news snobbery appeared in high school.  I distinctly remember a certain world history teacher--an ex-nun with a condescending flair for anything she deemed non-intellectual--criticizing my choice of Time magazine as a research paper source.  McNews she called it.  Ouch.

Times have, of course, changed (no pun intended).  The landscape of our news sources--like all our information--has certainly undergone quite a transformation with the arrival of the web.  Credibility? Eh.  News worthy? We'll need a vastly underdressed celebrity for that.

It was with great trepidation (and yet hope) then, that I learned Time had revamped its website, which I discovered through a posting on Adrants. Time 2.0.  The ex-nun would have probably called it 0.5--all things new being the most suspect and ripe for ridicule, of course.

My first impression was favorable.  The site seems less like a poor advertisement for the magazine and more like a full scale news source.  Features to check out are the news aggregator and blogs from some of the more insightful columnists.  Extra points for ease of navigation and a crisp design. The best new feature, though, has to be the revamped archives.  Time backlogged all of their old articles and covers, and the result is a wistful stroll across 90+ years of the weekly news magazine. All for free.  Like it or not, Time is part of the collective American consciousness as much as apple pie and the Big Mac.

In fact, all was going healthy and well until I ran into the quote of the day.  From Angelina Jolie.  I frantically clicked away, only to end up caught in a photo journal of a day in the life of Barack Obama.  Yikes!  I navigated until I reached safer waters. And for just one second I felt the hot breath of a certain ex-nun on the back of my neck asking, "Is this how you spend your time, Mr. Lacey?"

But don't mind my Catholic guilt.  Decide for yourself here.

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