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In Review: No Yelling

Posted on February 28, 2007 by Kevin G.

No Yelling: The 9 Secrets of Great Leaders

“What is your major malfunction?”  Not exactly the words you would expect to hear from your boss (unless his last name is Patton, and he prefers pushups to coffee in the morning). 

We all communicate in different ways to get what we want.  Managers, CEOs and other leaders need to understand the necessary steps to take to get their team to work as a unit and get what they want.  The US Marine Corps. manufactures leaders through effective training in the physical and mental realms.  Former marine, Wally Adamchik, knows the methods to handle high stress situations, manage a team, and complete tasks that mirror the likeness of the business world. 

In No Yelling: The 9 Secrets of Marine Corps Leadership You Must Know to Win in Business, Adamchik lets readers in on this classified information:

1.  Integrity 

The individuals that work with--not underneath--you need to trust and respect your efforts by demonstrating integrity.  By building trust, maintaining consistency and establishing non-negotiable terms, your integrity as a leader will develop.

2. Technical Competence

Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to complete the menial, labor-intensive or specialized tasks your workers do for you.  By offering a sincere effort to level with your team, they learn to accept and respect your role as a leader.

3.  Set the Example

Delegating work to a team does not ensure its completion.  Maintaining professional composure and being a role model for others communicates what a leader expects out of a team.

4.  Self-Awareness

It is impossible to be conscious of the tasks and people around you if your personal standards of practice are not identified.  Being self-aware allows leaders to assess unique situations, recognize effective methods of team members, and continually improve leadership style.

5.  Take Care of People

A happy worker is a good worker.  Recognize workers’ accomplishments, give sincere attention to concerns, and make a natural effort to connect on a personal level.  What goes around comes around.

6.  Make New Leaders

The leader will not be there forever, and the team must be able to uphold its responsibilities for the company.  By developing a team of leaders culturally and personally, each member will take ownership and pride in their tasks as they become accountable for successful completion.

7.  Commander’s Intent

When a team knows where it’s headed and why, it will be more willing to spearhead new initiatives and venture into uncharted territory.

8.  Culture and Values

By creating a positive and productive working culture with an honest and comprehensive value system, a team will be able to identify and respect the foundations of their company.

9.  Rehearsals and Critiques

Creating scenarios for your team to practice within allows for mistakes to be made.  When these mistakes are critiqued in a clear and non-threatening, non-judgmental manner, your team will be conscious and motivated to minimize recurrence of the same error.

In Review

At the end of this book, these secrets may seem like common knowledge—but that’s a result of the clear examples and content that progresses naturally from one secret to the next. 

These secrets not only identify the personal qualities a leader must have, but also address the practices necessary to foster a happy and productive team.  Though you might occasionally want to shout “Drop and give me 20,” No Yelling makes it clear how good leadership is created for any team.  As you were, soldier.

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