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Words Glorious Words

Posted on March 07, 2007 by Kevin G.

I think it’s always great to be precise with wording.  Though I don’t consider myself a wordsmith, I try to: bestow the lexicon of my colloquies with consummate exactitude.  But even statements like that don’t phase vocabulary-prodigies like Robert Marshland.

He is the winner of the National Vocabulary Championship, hosted at the New York Public Library.  Here, the contestants must have a clear understanding of uncommon words and their differences; like the difference between what is simply underrated from a clear example of floccinaucinihilipilification (the estimation of something worthless).  This competition is intense for contestants to not only know a plethora of words that are not commonly used in social discourse, but to react quickly with their answers to proceed to the higher rounds.

The winner, 18-year-old Marshland from Wisconsin, was awarded $40,000 towards college tuition and the title of “Most Challenging Person to Play Scrabble Against.”  Read further about the competition and Robert’s road to success.

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