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8 Ways to Boost Your Click Through Rates

Posted on June 05, 2007 by Kathryn Regina.

From product reviews to information sharing, the Medquoda Daily shares tips from the "Creating Great Free Email Newsletters" session of SIPA's 31st annual conference in Washington D.C. Read the article to learn valuable information about copy writing for promotional-based emails.

These eight techniques will boost your click through rates

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Boosting your click through rate, in my opinion should be incentive based: though many people would argue that's not allowed. Maybe.
What if the ads were placed on a page that people were driven to BY the incentive though? Surely, they would be more willing to click on an ad, or spend time looking at websites you specify if there was a chance of a reward? I suggest a lottery site - such as my own, which works wonders for attracting customers and driving CTR's up! - and its allowed! - as your not ACTUALLY offering the incentive for clicking the ads, just showing the ads at the time of offering the incentive. http://www.pangeaenterprisesltd.com for more information.

Posted by: Paul Beaumont | May 5, 2008 5:45:54 AM

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