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Critiquing the Hand That Feeds Us, Part Deux

Posted on August 10, 2007 by Sarah Eaton.

Magnum_opus Oh, Wendalyn Nichols, how the editorial team at BeTuitive loves thee! (She's the editor of Publications Management, which we're critiquing this week.)

Also, "Publications Management is the home of the Magnum Opus Awards, the leading awards program dedicated to custom publishing."  And we just won a bunch of them.  You can check out which ones here.

Kathryn Regina

I like this publication. The design makes it easy and pleasant to read, and the article headlines are creative. There’s a nice of blend of content—from custom publishing trends to writing tips to best business practices. The article that I liked the most was “Arranged marriages” because it managed to compare online dating to custom publication goals and measurement. 

Kevin Grant

The work/life balance article had some useful takeaways.  I always find my inbox cluttered from opening emails and not addressing it right then and there.  Opening and reopening is something I am guilty of.  The article concerning the appropriate use of a cliché was interesting.  Improper use of a cliché can lose your readers, your message, or your credibility. 

Vanessa Day

The article I found most interesting was the one about time management. Organizing your time properly is helpful in any stage of life, whether you’re still in school, or an experienced business associate. The article had some decent tips to get organized with tasks and projects, which I found helpful, since somehow I cannot find the time to study and attend class, and get all the other little things done. I also thought the article about clichés was intriguing, because often people make the mistake of slipping them into publications, which can divert attention from their intended points and goals. Clichés can be fun to add here and there, but don’t become too attached.

Emily DeMarco

Publications Management is a short, yet informative newsletter.  At only eight pages, it covers all major topics in custom publishing including articles on editorial, design, marketing issues.  I particularly enjoyed the article, “Make time to make time,” which discusses simple and logical ways to keep piles off your desk.  The tips were easy ways for even the busiest person to make strides in staying organized (and none of the suggestions included: Hire an intern to do it for you).  Overall, the design is not bad, the articles have value, and the side-bars contain quality information.

Jeff Sanchez

Publications Management is a small, to-go type of newsletter loaded with good information.  It is very clean and easy to follow.  Warm, soft colors give it a friendly vibe rather than the usual tight-collared feel of many industry expert publications.  The content covers every aspect of publication, and I like how it's geared toward everyone rather than, for example, the editor only finding the writing articles useful, or the the design articles only being useful to a designer.  You want to read it all and before you know it, you have.

As you can see, we like it.  If you want to subscribe, go here to do so.

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