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Digging for Treasure

Posted on September 25, 2007 by Sarah Eaton.

This week, we review the summary of Treasure Hunt: Inside the Mind of the New Consumer by Michael J. Silverstein with John Butman:

Kathryn Regina

The message of this summary—that consumers are now shopping at both low and high end retailers—is nothing new, but it is littered with entertaining examples. The Nelson family, for example, and their decision to buy five televisions for Christmas—one $2,000 TV and four $59 dollar TVs. I also like Jim and Anne Freedman, whose direct mail company went out of business after the anthrax scare from 9/11. Though the concepts are simple and certainly not groundbreaking, the summary manages the narrative arc well.

Jeff Sanchez

Treasure Hunt describes consumers today having a bi-polar approach when it comes to spending. This is obvious with the success of Target, Wal-Mart and similar discount stores--while on the other end we will pay $4.50 every day for a cup of coffee. Although the summary gave a good overview of spending today, they did not really tap into the psychology that influences our spending. Why would a person making $25,000 drive a BMW? It’s about making ourselves feel ‘worth’ something in the process. There are many more factors that persuade our spending.

Kevin Grant

I thought Treasure Hunt was a great piece on critiquing the motivation of the middle class spender--spending-up (picking items of unique value that command a premium price) or spending-down (finding the lowest priced items that fulfill the need).  It was interesting to read how only the middle class flirt with both types and find a harmonious mix to satisfy their needs.  There were ample examples of individuals that identified their spending practices and the notable businesses that grew exponentially from identifying this consumer trend.  The people and businesses that remain in the middle with stubborn spending habits and unwavering business models face the consequence of being left behind.

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