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Something Worth Talking About

Posted on September 11, 2007 by Sarah Eaton.

This week's review looks at the Executive Book Summary for Seth Godin's Purple Cow:

Kathryn Regina

The Purple Cow summary takes note of the shift away from advertisement-based marketing towards product-based marketing.  The summary claims that “media that interrupts any form of consumer activity”—i.e. commercials and ads—isn’t working as well as it used to, and that products with “mass appeal” are no longer very successful. To create a Purple Cow product, you must target a niche market. This makes sense with what we believe about customized publications. But apparently an innovative and useful product will sell itself, with the aid of a few enthusiasts? I don’t quite buy it.

Kevin Grant

This review discusses the idea of striving to create uniquely useful products, and advertise and market them in an innovated way.  It stresses the “think outside the box” motivation with creating products and developing strategy around it.  Being fearful of pursuing a “purple cow” is something inherent with larger companies and serves as a great advantage to the smaller risk takers.  This review does not present anything beyond common sense, but it does offer hope to the new, small and innovative companies going against the large conglomerates.

Jeff Sanchez

Godin’s concept of the Purple Cow is very relevant today, but it seems like common sense that consumers will continue to want more innovative products and services. Apple is a prime example with the recent release of the iPhone—an innovative product that had minimal marketing but the hype was unheard in the past for a cell phone. Word of mouth and buzz is what caused the phone to fly off shelves. After the iPhone, of course other cell phone companies will have to step up to the plate. Putting out the most innovative product is what drives the consumer market; label them ‘purple cows’ if you want.

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