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Green Blackle?

Posted on July 25, 2008 by Jennie Huss.

Today I was looking at internet news and found this article about a Google search engine that has a black background. It’s called Blackle.  As I read about how it saves so much energy I couldn't help but think "Why hasn't Google changed to this?"  Such a small step on millions of computers could help out the environment a lot. 

After checking out the site I was slightly disappointed, as the search engine only shows links.  It didn't have the added convenience of videos, images, shopping- and all the other things that are expected to be within a click.  This is probably the main reason for not using this energy efficient Web site.


However, as I continued reading and searched for further information on the subject, the positive results were limited to certain types of screens. In fact, with some types of screens, the black background uses even more energy than the white screen.  Apparently the answer to being energy efficient isn’t as easy as using a search engine with a black background.

With the popular trend towards "going green" businesses and individuals are re-vitalizing the way things are done in favor of the environment.  For some this could mean steps as small as getting more energy efficient light bulbs, while others will conduct a full overhaul--perhaps going paperless, installing solar panels or other more dramatic energy-conscious steps.

The idea that helping the environment involves sacrifice is a misconception. The choice to go green, personally or with a business, does not have to be a dramatic change in lifestyle.  It can be simple changes to everyday life such as reusing bags, deciding to reuse towels before washing them, or carpooling to work.  With these miniscule steps, anyone can make a positive impact on the environment. 

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